Balloon decor by Tiffany​​ - Spring, Tx

Arch type: Quick Link

Arch prices vary depending on height and width as well as arch type and helium requirements.  It would be a good idea to measure the space where the arch will be placed; ceiling height is also helpful.  Climate conditions are also a factor when used outdoors.​

  • Ex 1 Wider than tall
  • Ex 2 Equal height and width
  • Ex 3 Taller than wide

Arch type: Garland

Options for balloon decor is endless, therefore prices are not listed listed here.  This page will provide a few decor examples and help determine how simple or elaborate the decor can be.  Click here for a free quote.

Arch type: String of Pearls

Towers are 4-6 feet tall and prices vary depending on detail.

Foil balloon sizes - most common size is 18".  Click here to see the 2016 Qualatex Catalog.

Latex balloon sizes - most common size is 11".  Click here to see the variety colors available.

Bouquets also vary in size and price depending on the number of balloons used as well as the size of the balloons used.  They can be made to stand tall from the floor or a little shorter for use on a table.

Columns are 6-9 feet tall and prices vary depending on height and amount of detail.