Why should I choose A Pop Of Color instead of going to the local party store?
1. Most party stores do not offer delivery for party balloons.  A Pop Of Color delivers to North Houston, Spring, The Woodlands, Humble and Kingwood.
2. All latex balloons are treated with Hi-Float to last for several days, otherwise latex balloons will float for about 24 hours.
3. Selection of unique designs that are not available at most party stores and all balloon bouquets are attached to a festive weight.
4. All designs are made by a Certified Balloon Artist.  Take a look at our About Us page for details.

What zip codes does A Pop Of Color deliver to?
Delivery is available to zip codes: 77018, 77068, 77069, 77070, 77338, 77339, 77345, 77346, 77357, 77365, 77373, 77379, 77380, 77381, 77382, 77385, 77386, 77388, 77389, 77396

When will my card be charged?
Product availability will be confirmed before payment is processed.  A notification will be sent by email of any product related notes added to your order.

Some items are “Available on backorder”, what does that mean?
That item is available for advance orders (planning ahead is the key).  Each balloon arrangement listed is created with multiple components. Custom balloon décor like centerpieces may require a specific component in a specific color, like a gold Mardi Gras mask.  We may not have Mardi Gras masks in stock that are gold, but they can be ordered to create your custom balloon centerpiece.  The same scenario applies to foil and latex balloons for bouquets and columns.

When should I order?
It is best to order when you start planning the event or when the venue has been reserved.  Ordering 3 weeks or more prior to the event is ideal, however waiting until 2 weeks prior to the event is risky because delivery time slots may not be available.  Supplies are ordered for events 2 weeks in advance to avoid shipping delays (bad weather, wrong product received, lost package, etc).  Most customers order 1 to 3 months in advance for small parties, dates for large events are typically reserved 6 to 12 months in advance.

Why is balloon decor so expensive?  It’s only a bag of balloons.
1. Many balloon decor designs are made with balloons in more than one color and multiple balloon sizes (more than 1 bag of balloons).
2. Only professional grade balloons are used.
3. All designs are made with equipment specifically designed for creating balloon decor.
4. Time and skills required to create unique balloon décor is also a factor. A Pop Of Color has invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over the years in continued education in the balloon industry.  In addition, Tiffany has completed the Certified Balloon Artist program.

What are the payment options?
We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  Payments are processed by Square, so it’s secure!

What is the cancellation policy?
We know things come up or plans change.  Refunds for cancellations will be issued as follows:
-Full refund 21 days prior to the delivery date.
-Partial refund 20 days or less prior to the delivery date. Please keep in mind this time has been reserved for your order and supplies have been purchased.

Can I order custom printed balloons from A Pop Of Color?
Of course!  Custom printing is available on latex balloons and foil balloons.  Minimum order for latex is 100 and the minimum for foil balloons is 50.  Artwork must be in Adobe Illustrator EPS format. To get the ball rolling, send us the details by email at info@aPopOfColorByTiffany.com.

Do you make twisted balloon animals for children’s parties?
No, but I can refer you to someone.

How did you get started doing balloon decor?
It all started with balloons for a friend’s first baby shower.  I picked up a few balloons at the party store made them into bouquets and the requests started flowing in from co-workers and friends.  My curiosity about balloons peaked, I did a little research and started taking classes.  For more information about my continued education in balloon decor, visit the About Us page.​​​​​

How will the outdoor weather or indoor temperatures affect my balloons?
Balloons like to be comfortable, 72 degrees is ideal for maximum float time.  Exposure to extreme conditions can affect the performance of latex and foil balloons.
– Cold temperatures can cause the balloons to look deflated; in most cases the helium will expand when moved to a warmer temperature.
– High temperatures can cause helium to expand resulting in the balloons to pop or leak. Use of balloons outside in the Texas heat can be unfavorable. Just as the sun burns skin, it can burn balloons and cause them to pop.
– Wind and rain is very unpredictable and certain precautions have to be taken to prevent balloons from flying away.
For these reasons balloon décor is not recommended for outdoor use.  A Pop Of Color is not responsible for balloon performance due to climate and does not encourage the release of helium filled balloons.